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Pumice Powder

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Pumice Powder provides mild exfoliation with colour variation in soap and cosmetics. Pumice is a volcanic ash which is formed when lava is permeated with gas bubbles during the solidification process. Because lava and glass have similar properties and chemical make-up, pumice is very abrasive. However unlike glass, pumice it is very soft. It is the softest abrasive in use today and is commonly used is scrubs and soap. All natural.
Country of Origin: United States

INCI: Pumice

Directions: Add the desired amount of powder to your base. Smaller amounts will provide colour variations in products, while larger amounts will provide a full scrub. When using in soaps & washes, we recommend the suspension bases which prevent additives from sinking to the bottom of the container.
Recommended usage:
Soap: 0.25 - 0.50%
Scrubs: 0.1 - 3%

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