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  1. Crafter's Choice Embed Paper

    Sheet Size: 8.5" x 11". Great for printing special designs and messages for embedding into clear bars of soap.

    Starting from $1.25
  2. Ducks - Birthday

    Decorate handmade soaps with Birthday Duck Toys and pass them out in treat bags at birthday parties!
    Starting from $1.75
  3. Ducks - Christmas Tree Lights

    These make great cupcake soap toppers or as an addition to gift sets.
    Starting from $1.75
  4. Loofah 7/8"

    This loofah is cut in less than 1 inch slices.

    Starting from $2.00
  5. Paper Straw - Brown Striped

    Use our Brown Striped Straws to top off chocolate and drink inspired soaps!
    Starting from $3.00
  6. Paper Straw - Red Gingham

    The Gingham Red Paper Straw reminds us of a picnic blanket and will look great in any picnic inspired soaps like lemonade and teas!
    Starting from $3.00


6 Item(s)