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Goat Milk Powder

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Goat Milk Powder provides moisturizing properties to water and oil based products. It's high in protein and triglyceride content making it an excellent natural moisturizer. It contains vitamin A, B6, B12 and E as well as beta-casein which all help with to hydrate and nourish dry skin. Goat’s milk is a natural emollient. It's commonly used in milk baths, soap, lotions and creams. All Natural. It's dispersible in oil and water.
Country of Origin: Canada (Sourced from Ontario farmers)

INCI: Goat Milk

Blend amount as desired into formula. When adding to a liquid base, you may need to mix this with a small amount of warm water to prevent clumping.
Recommended Usage:
Soap: 3-5%
Lotions & Creams: 2-10%
Milk Bath: 75-100%

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