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Fragrance Oil A-B


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  1. A Mother's Love Fragrance Oil

    A slightly sweet and innocent scent that includes a blend of peonies, hyacinth, day lilies, apple blossoms and soft bergamot.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $6.75
  2. Abalone & Sea Fragrance Oil

    A fresh ocean scent with notes of daylily, sea spray, watery florals and musk.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $6.50
  3. Acai Berries & Satin Fragrance Oil

    Healthy blend of acai berries, lemon and strawberry accented with rose. An Herbal Essences type.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $7.25
  4. Agave Nectar Odour Neutralizing Fragrance Oil

    A complex yet clean combination of blue agave, dune grass, beach driftwood, fuji apple, kaffir lime, dewy cyclamen and amber sands.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $7.25
  5. Almond & Honey Fragrance Oil

    Classic mixture of almond and warm honey notes.
    Vanilla Content: 1.6%

    Starting from $5.00
  6. Almond Fragrance Oil

    If you like almond, you'll love this warm, classic nutty almond.
    Vanilla Content: 1%

    Starting from $4.85
  7. Aloe Water & Jasmine - Natural Fragrance Oil

    Shimmering notes of green aloe water meld with an ethereal bouquet of jasmine petals, beach rose and lilac. Phthalate free. Paraben free.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $11.00
  8. Aloha Orchid* Fragrance Oil

    A floral bouquet capturing the essence of blushed peony, orange blossom, rose petals, lily of the valley and white cyclamen.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $6.90
  9. Alpine Cheer Fragrance Oil

    Holiday notes of fir needle, cinnamon stick, cranberries, crisp apple and cedarwood.
    Vanilla Content: 0.20%

    Starting from $7.00
  10. Alpine Frost Fragrance Oil

    Fresh breezes, orchid and ylang ylang dance on top of cypress trees, frosted woods, oakmoss and fresh spices. Reminiscent of a walk in the woods on a snowy December day. 
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $6.75


Items 1 to 10 of 67 total