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  1. AMTicide Coconut

    AMTicide Coconut is a natural preservative created by fermenting Coconut fruit.

    Starting from $8.50
  2. Germall Plus Liquid

    Germall Plus Liquid is an excellent broad spectrum antimicrobial preservative. It has no known inactivators and is compatible with virtually all cosmetic ingredients.
    Starting from $5.00
  3. Leucidal Liquid

    Leucidal Liquid is a natural preservative derived from radishes.

    Starting from $12.50
  4. Leucidal Liquid SF MAX

    Leucidal Liquid SF MAX is a broad spectrum probiotic natural preservative.

    Starting from $14.00
  5. Optiphen Plus

    Optiphen Plus is a highly effective broad spectrum antimicrobial preservative. Compatible with most raw materials.
    Starting from $7.50
  6. Phenonip

    Phenonip is a preservative intended to prevent bacteria, mold and fungal growth in oil based products.
    Starting from $6.00


6 Item(s)