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  1. BTMS - 25

    BTMS - 25 is an emulsified wax that produces a thick and creamy emulsion that feels light and hydrating. 

    Starting from $6.00
  2. Creme de Menthe Flavour Oil

    A smooth, refreshing blend of rich velvety vanilla, spearmint and peppermint.

    Starting from $2.50
  3. Diffuser - Ultrasonic

    Our beautifully crafted ceramic ultrasonic diffuser features multi colour light options (including no light option).

    Starting from $59.00
  4. Gingerbread House Fragrance Oil

    Spiced gingerbread with the delightful hint of orange, tonka bean and white musk.
    Vanilla Content: 3.35%

    Starting from $7.15
  5. Glycolic Acid Face Wash

    Glycolic acid is a natural-occurring exfoliant derived from sugar that helps exfoliate dead surface skin cells and support natural cellular turnover.

    Starting from $15.00
  6. Hazelnut Latte Flavour Oil

    An irresistible fusion of hazelnut and a smooth mellow coffee creates a delicious harmony of flavours for any coffee lover.

    Starting from $2.50
  7. Hexes & Hose Fragrance Oil

    Cursed are those who dare meddle in the affairs of a witch! 
    Vanilla Content: 0.60%

    Starting from $5.45
  8. Lemon Slice Melt & Pour Soap Kit

    You'll love the fresh lemon scent of these cute soap bars! 

    Starting from $40.00
  9. Lycan It Fragrance Oil

    Dare to unleash your wild side! 
    Vanilla Content: 0.90%

    Starting from $6.15
  10. Massage & Body Lotion

    A lotion that performs beautifully for massage with outstanding slip and easy glide or for the entire body.

    Starting from $12.00


Items 1 to 10 of 21 total