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  1. Aloe Vera Leaf Powder

    Aloe Vera Leaf Powder is made by grounding the dehydrated whole leaf.

    Starting from $9.25
  2. Bath Tub Soap Mold (MW)

    Makes (3) 3.2 ounce bars
    Bar Dimensions: 3" x 4.75" x 1"

    Starting from $8.95
  3. Bee Pollen, Powder

    Bee Pollen Powder (also known as bee bread) is flower pollen collected by worker bees.

    Starting from $9.00
  4. Calendula Powder

    Calendula (Marigold) Flower Powder is also known as Bride of the Sun.

    Starting from $9.00
  5. Candy Cane Mini Mold

    Create mini candy cane soaps to top off Christmas and Holiday themed soaps with the Candy Cane Mini Mold. 

    Starting from $4.00
  6. Carob Powder

    Roasted Carob Powder is often used as a low fat, low sugar, caffeine free alternative to chocolate.

    Starting from $4.00
  7. Christmas Lights Small Mold

    Create bright and vibrant christmas soaps using the Christmas Lights Soap Mold.

    Starting from $4.00
  8. Christmas Tree Mini Mold

    The Christmas Tree Mini Mold can be used to create beautifully decorated christmas tree soaps to embellish larger bars.

    Starting from $4.00
  9. Citrus Bioflavonoid Powder

    Bioflavonoids (aka flavonoids) are the compounds that give many fruits, vegetables and flowers their vibrant colours.

    Starting from $12.00
  10. Cornsilk Powder

    The dried and ground silky threads found under the husks of fresh corn are used to make cornsilk powder.

    Starting from $8.00


Items 1 to 10 of 22 total