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Wooden Wick - Medium

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These all natural medium wooden wicks provide the optimal comforting "crackle" in candle-burning! They are made in the USA and come from FSC certified mills. Metal tabs included.
Wick dimensions: 6" H x .5" W
Typical Recommended Use: 2 - 3" diameter container (and may be suitable for up to 3.75" diameter container)


  • Place a wick sticker on the bottom of the wick tab and the wick in the tab prior to placing in vessel
  • Melt wax, add fragrance
  • We recommend 7- 8% FO for most waxes, but testing is required for optimal results
  • The amount of crackle when burning will be affected by the amount of colour and fragrance used
  • Check periodically when cooling to ensure wick(s) remained centered
  • Allow finished candles to cure 2 days or more before burning
  • Trim wick to 1/8" (0.32 cm) to 3/16” (0.48 cm) before lighting. Trim after each burn.
IMPORTANT: Usage Reporting & Patent Requirements: All users of these wooden wicks are required to label products with the wooden wick patent information as follows: "Pat." By purchasing our wooden wicks, you agree to the patent requirements. For more information, see ""
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