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Pink Lemonade Candelilla Lip Balm

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Pink Lemonade Candelilla Lip Balm
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Coconut Oil (RBD)-454 g (1 lb)
Candelilla Wax-100 g
Pink Lemonade Flavour Oil-5 mL (sample)
Vitamin E (Natural) T-50 : 30 mL
Push Up Tube, 1 oz, Clear-Each

These creamy lip balms are so smooth and easy to make. Vegan friendly.

Yield: (4) 1oz lip balms


-           3.2 oz Coconut Oil (RBD)

-           0.80 oz Candelilla Wax

-           3.6 mL (3.4 g) Pink Lemonade Flavour Oil

-           10 drops of Vitamin E (Natural) T-50

-           (4) Push Up Tube, 1 oz, Clear


-           Scale for weight measurement

-           Microwave

-           Small microwave safe pourable cup or beaker

-           Teaspoon to stir


1. Weigh Coconut Oil (RBD) and Candelilla Wax into a small sized microwave safe cup with spout. 

2. Heat in microwave in 30 second bursts until just fully melted.

3. Add Vitamin E (Natural) T-50 and Flavour Oil. Mix well.

4. Pour into Push Up Tubes.

5. Allow to cool completely before capping.

6. Label accordingly.


  • It's easy to completely change up your lip balm by simply swapping out the flavour. You can find other options in the Flavour section.
  • Add a drop or two of EZ Color to add a bit of pizzazz.This would be incorporated when adding your vitamin e and flavour.
  • To make 8 large sized lip balms, try our 0.50 oz tubes in black, natural and white.
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