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  1. Calamondin Sea Salt Fragrance Oil

    This luxurious, sensual scent is a beatifully balanced blend of Calamondin and Kumquat wrapped in a sheer veil of Sea Salt, Jasmine and Sandalwood.
    Vanilla Content: 1.8%

    Starting from $6.75
  2. Calypso Sun Fragrance Oil

    A luscious blend of juicy mandarin, white peach and tropical mango.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $6.75
  3. Caribbean Coconut Fragrance Oil

    A tropical twist of coconut milk and cool vanilla that's the perfect summer escape.
    Vanilla Content: 10%

    Starting from $7.00
  4. Caribbean Escape Fragrance Oil

    Sweet Melon, Raspberry Nectar, Italian Lemon, Creamy Coconut, Raw Sugarcane.
    Vanilla Content: 3%

    Starting from $5.00
  5. Coastal Cottage Fragrance Oil

    Sea Salt, Driftwood and Coastal Mist rest upon sandy beaches.
    Vanilla Content: 0.1%

    Starting from $6.90
  6. Coco Cabana Fragrance Oil

    A tropical blend of juicy orange, apple and creamy coconut.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $7.55
  7. Coconut Fragrance Oil

    This scent is as refreshing as a ripe coconut on a desert island.
    Vanilla Content: 1%

    Starting from $5.75
  8. Coconut Lime Verbena Fragrance Oil

    A tantalizing fusion of fresh coconut, lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla.
    Vanilla Content: 1%

    Starting from $7.25
  9. Dancing Waters Fragrance Oil

    Fresh water top as beautiful floral notes of cyclamen and freesia come into full bloom. The scent is ozonic but carries a fresh splash of nature.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $7.15
  10. Dragonfruit & Pear Fragrance Oil

    Exotic Dragonfruit and Casaba Melon blend with notes of Crisp Pear and Apple Blossom.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $6.75


Items 11 to 20 of 41 total