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Below you will find some of the wonderful things that some of the wonderful people that have tried our soap have to say about it. And for testimonials from some of our amazing customers who order their supplies from us, please visit our facebook page. A huge thank you to each and everyone of you for your kind encouragement and for taking the time to let us know what you think.

- Donna M. at Candora Soap and Soap Supplies.

"I got a bar of your soap from my mom who got it from someone at work. I cannot believe how amazing your soap is! I have tried some handmade soap but yours just makes me want to buy more!"

~ Jennifer L. Ridgetown, On.

"I've worked in the natural health industry for many years and know what clean and natural ingredients are. I've used many other natural soaps and although I liked them, I found they were a bit drying no matter what the ingredients were. With the bars of Candora soaps that I've tried I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of moisture they provide my skin while helping me feel clean. The bars look great and smell even better! My 2 nephews think they're wonderful and we use them for their hair and bodies. Thanks to Donna and Candora soap for being educated and passionate enough to make such wonderful products!"

~ Lora C. Tecumseh, On.

"I recommend the Calendula and Shea! I usually have very dry skin in the winter but not now! My skin is glorious because of this soap!"

~ Jennifer V. Fergus On. "I've tried 2 different bars loved them both. You have to try the Sage soap if you have really dry skin. AWESOME!" ~ Nancy C. London, On.

"The soap arrived! I love every bar! They smell soooo good. Thank you for the little 'extra'. Very cute."

~ Leanne K. Kingston, On.

‎"As men these products may not seem to be a mainstream purchase but I can say 100% that I am convinced that there is a difference from the traditional store bought products. I highly recommend trying the Candora products as I assure you will be impressed.

" ~ Michael L. Amherstburg, On.