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Fragrance Oil A-B


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  1. Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil

    Ripe black raspberries are mixed with dark plum and warm vanilla.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $7.45
  2. Black Tie Fragrance Oil

    Sophisticated notes of black peppercorn and leather are carefully crafted with warm woods, patchouli, musk and citrus.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $6.90
  3. Blackberry and Magnolia Fragrance Oil

    Ripe blackberries mingle with notes of apple, magnolia, melon and sugar crystals.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $7.00
  4. Blackberry Bordeaux Fragrance Oil

    An aromatic blend of blackberry, cassis, dark cherry, vanilla, bourbon and coffee bean.
    Vanilla Content: 6%

    Starting from $7.15
  5. Blood Orange & Goji Fragrance Oil

    Splashes of blood orange juice and sweet satsuma wedges are combined with the nectars of ripe goji berry and island mango.
      Vanilla Content: 0.2%

    Starting from $5.75
  6. Blue Agave Sugar Fragrance Oil

    Crisp cucumber water and dew drops add freshness to blue agave sugar and cedarwood.
    Vanilla Content: 0.7%

    Starting from $7.15
  7. Blue Violet Fragrance Oil

    A fresh floral bouquet of blue violets and rose petals with notes of white woods, sheer musk and vetiver.
    Vanilla Content: 0%

    Starting from $6.15
  8. Blueberry Fragrance Oil

    Just picked sweet, juicy blueberry.
    Vanilla Content: 5.5%

    Starting from $4.85
  9. Bourboned Pumpkin Fragrance Oil

    Notes of aged bourbon, dark rum, vanilla extract and pumpkin puree.
    Vanilla Content: 2.30%

    Starting from $7.15
  10. Bourboned Tobacco Fragrance Oil

    Cedarwood and tobacco blend with blushed rose petals, tonka bean and oak aged bourbon.
    Vanilla Content: 0.10%

    Starting from $7.25


Items 51 to 60 of 67 total