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Fragrance Formulator Accessories


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  1. Blending Binder - Fragrance Formulator

    Use the blending binder to tone down stronger blending oils before mixing with other lighter note blending oils. 

    Starting from $4.55
  2. Fragrance Formulator Blending Blotters

    Fragrance Oil Blotter Sticks are long professional grade blotter strips that are used to smell fragrance oils, essential oils, your own fragrance blends and perfumes. 

    Starting from $1.00
  3. Fragrance Wheel - Blending Card #1

    Fragrance Wheel Blending Card #1 has 44 general blending recipes to help you get started custom blending fragrance oils.

    Starting from $3.00
  4. Fragrance Wheel - Blending Card #2

    Fragrance Wheel #2 was specifically created to help inspire your Fall and Winter product line. This card has 45 blends great for Fall and Winter.

    Starting from $3.00
  5. Glass Bottle, Amber 16 oz Boston Round - 28/400

    This 16 oz Amber Glass Bottle is great for packaging and storing your custom fragrance blend.
    Starting from $2.00
  6. Phenolic Black Top Cap - Polycone Liner, 28/400

    This closure fits containers requiring a 28/400 top. Polycone liner.
    Starting from $0.60


6 Item(s)