Santa's Tree Farm Fragrance Oil


It's the aroma of a freshly cut Christmas Tree. Phthalate free. Paraben free.
Vanilla Content: 0%
Flashpoint: 200°F

INCI: Parfum

Maximum Skin Safe Exposure:
Soap, Body Wash, Bath Salts: 10.6%
Lotions & Scrubs: 57%
Face Cream: 19%
Perfume: 57%
Lip: 0%

*NOTE: These are maximum use levels for skin exposure only. These percentages may not reflect the amount of fragrance that a base/product can accept. Be sure to test the final product to ensure that it performs as desired/intended.


Hello I was wondering how I am supposed to calculate how much fragrance to use in a recipe. Pointers would be helpful. 



To my knowledge,each fragrance has a different usage level that is considered safe for the skin, this FO for example is 10% so you figure out 10% of your oils (I have read that it is not based your finished recipe with water etc as that evaporates out of the soap with curing so it must be only the oils).  So say your oils are 30 oz  then this FO can have up to 3 oz added to it. (30 x .10 = 3) You don't necessarily want to use that much but that is the maxiumum safe usuage.
Some scents are very low like some of the gingersnap/ginger scents so I always make sure to check the usage as if it's too low you won't even smell the scent in your soap. I guess it would be better for a candly or something of that sort. Hope this helps! :)

Does anyone have a suggestion for me?

I have literally bought about 10 different "piney" type fragrances from diffferent suppliers to find just the right one for a Christmas scent. Most smell like a strong cleaner but this one is beautiful.
Even my friend who doesn't like pine scents liked it. Very authentic. I'll be making a CP soap with it and will post results.

I just made my first Christmas CP soap with this scent! I used it at a 10% usage rate and soaped at 108 degrees. It behaved well, maybe accelerated a little bit but I did a green and white middle swirl and a swirl on top with embeds and had time for it all. It may have riced a tiny bit but nothing major! I'm so excited to unmold this and the smell in my kitchen is gorgeous!!