Pumpkin Soap Mold (Milky Way)


This Cinderella pumpkin design is adorned with picture perfect leaves and bouncy curled vines. Use this cosmetic mold around Halloween and in the fall.

Makes (3) 3.55 ounce bars
Bar Dimensions: 3" x 3.5" x 1"
Manufacturer: Milky Way Molds
Maximum Product Pour Temp: 135 - 145 ºF

Wash molds in warm, sudsy water. Please avoid the dishwasher because that can warp your molds or make them brittle.

When making CP Soap coat the mold with cooking spray or line with plastic. Pour soap into mold. Unmold after 24 hours.

When making MP Soap pour the melted soap into mold (do not use cooking spray or plastic). Cool until firm. Wrap soap immediately after unmolding. For easier unmolding, place into freezer for 30 minutes, and then immerse bottom of the mold in hot water for a few moments.