Goat Milk & Honey Fragrance Oil


The country goodness of golden honey, buttermilk, vanilla sugar and sweet amber. Phthalate free. Paraben free.
Vanilla Content: 8%
Flashpoint: 200°F

INCI: Parfum

Maximum Skin Safe Exposure:
Soap, Body Wash, Bath Salts: 14%
Lotions & Scrubs: 75%
Face Cream: 25%
Perfume: 75%
Lip: 0%

*NOTE: These are maximum use levels for skin exposure only. These percentages may not reflect the amount of fragrance that a base/product can accept. Be sure to test the final product to ensure that it performs as desired/intended.


This oil rocks in soy wax. Will be making CP with it soon to test. Has that oatmeal/milk and honey aroma with a stronger note of creamy milk. Excellent aroma~!

This Fragrance smells amazing but it riced pretty bad in CP Soap. The smell is worth the struggle though. I tried in Soy Wax and it has aweseome scent through at 1% per pound of wax. 

Mildly sweet with an almost caramel like aroma. Subtle notes of fresh milk. No ricing, acceleration or seizing with the recipe I chose. Slight discoloration lends a lovely honey like color. Blends beautifully with oatmeal and coconut milk powder. Very well received. Will definitely purchase again.

Love this fragrance oil in all sorts of bath and body products. Use it in MP, bath bombs, body butters. The works. One of my best sellers. It's sweet and rich but not cloying at all.

This one is soft, subtle and sweet.  Everyone loves this:  kids, women, men.  Used in bath bombs and mp soap...sold out so quickly! 

I love love this smell ...brings back childhood memories...

Big seller in lotion for me. Smells like cookies. Switched from Oat milk and honey to this. Definately a sweeter smell.

This smells like oatmeal and honey, only way to describe it as true to scent.

just tried this in my CP soap, and as soon as it hit my soap (Palm kernel, coconut, olive oil) it seized AS i was stirring it by hand.

total waste of 2lbs of soap, i tried to save it, but it ended up separating my "batter" so that was weird.  I think i'll stick to bath bombs and non CP soap.