Cupuacu Butter


Cupuacu Butter (pronounced coo-poo-ah-sue) belongs to the same family as Cocoa Butter. It has a high natural capacity for water absorption which makes it an excellent emollient for body product formulations. It helps soothe dry skin and improves skin elasticity. It can be used directly on skin or incorporated into your formulation. It has a pleasingly sweet, nutty aroma. Cupuacu Butter is often used in cold & hot process soap, lotions & lip products. It provides moisturizing properties to your products. Melt point is 32 - 36°C. All Natural. Expeller Pressed.

INCI: Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter                                                                            

Recommended Usage:
CP and HP Soap: 3 - 6 %
Creams and Lotions: 3 - 5 %
Balms/Lip Products: 5 - 100 %