Butters, Creams & Lotions 101


Learn to make your own Body Butters, Lotions and Creams! This workshop will teach you how to make and create your own butters, lotions and creams. The best products are the ones you've made yourself!

Topics covered:
· Learn the difference between butters, creams and lotions. Which to use when?
· Understand emulsification and why it's important
· Preservatives vs Antioxidants
· Customize for your skin type
You will create 3 products in this workshop.. Rich & Creamy Body Bar, Gentle Kiss Face Cream, and Luscious Body Butter.

**Workshop Instructor: Gayle Russell CAHP

Summer Solutions Workshop

Start your summer off right with the Summer Solutions Workshop!

Learn to create natural products, using natural ingredients that will protect and soothe both adults and kids throughout the summer. Essential Oils play a leading role in this workshop, and Gayle Russell CAHP will guide you through, step by step!

You will create 3 products in this workshop... A spray (Don't Bug Me Spray), a salve (Heal the Ouch Salve) and a butter (Sunny Days Butter).

We will supply all of the tools and materials required for this workshop.

**Workshop Instructor: Gayle Russell CAHP

Introduction to Cold Process Soap Making Class

Learn how to make Cold Process soap safely and successfully! This is a fun, hands on class!