Unicorn Poop Fragrance Oil


A rainbow of delicious treats, such as sugared strawberry, sweet peach, ripe raspberry and cotton candy. Phthalate free. Paraben free.
Vanilla Content: 0.50%
Flashpoint: 200°F

INCI: Parfum

Maximum Skin Safe Exposure:
Soap, Body Wash, Bath Salts: 7.7%
Lotions & Scrubs: 41.2%
Face Cream: 13.7%
Perfume: 41.2%
Lip: 0%

*NOTE: These are maximum use levels for skin exposure only. These percentages may not reflect the amount of fragrance that a base/product can accept. Be sure to test the final product to ensure that it performs as desired/intended.


This one reminds me of a cotton candy like scent. Very sugary sweet.

A quand son retour ?

Waiting for this to restock? Any way I can be notified

do you have an estimated re-stock date?

Very dissapointed in this scent, had to use 3 times the average amount to get enough scent in my bath bombs! That makes this very expensive!

I too was disappointed with this scent. I had to use a lot to get the scent I was looking for and still ended up adding different fragrances. Did not live up to the hype.

I bought 120ml of this flavour once it was back in stock, as it smelled wonderful the first time I used it and sold fast.  I have now made 4 batches with the new stock (CP) and none of them have any scent after coming out of the mold.  Just wondering if anyone else if having this issue?  I'm disappointed as it's costly to keep making batches that I can't sell.

I will have to agree this scent is very disappointing...I soaped at a low temp and added Kaolin Clay to help hold the Scent and the Scent has disappeared less then 24 hours after using it .