Titanium Dioxide (Water)


Titanium Dioxide (Water) is a water dispersible colour. It has a matte finish and is pure in tone. Use by itself or to deepen the tone of other colours. When used in clear bases, the colour will not remain transparent. A pastel colour is produced in opaque (white) bases. This product may speckle in mp soap. If product design has layered colours, this colour will not migrate or “bleed” between layers. To lessen the speckling, mix well and do not over use.

Approved Colour Additive Applications:
General Cosmetics - Yes
Cosmetics for Eye - Yes
Lip – Yes

INCI: Titanium Dioxide

MP Soap: Add colour to a small amount of liquid glycerin. Mix well. Then add amount desired to melted soap base. Adding more will produce a darker colour. You have used too much colour if your soap bubbles are not white.
Mineral Make Up: Add colour directly to base.

Average Particle Size: 99.5% minimum through 325 mesh (99.5% minimum less than 44 microns). This is not a micronized product.