Rhassoul Clay


Rhassoul Clay is useful on oily, tired and sensitive skin. It's reputed to be pampering to the skin. It contains higher levels of magnesium, potassium and calcium. Rhassoul Clay is commonly used for spa and bath soaks as this clay is thought to be detoxifiying to the skin due to the naturally high levels of minerals found in the clay. It's commonly used in soap, face & body masks and bath fizzies. All natural. Cosmetic grade.
Particle size: 2 microns.

INCI: Moroccan Lava Clay

Directions: Blend amount as desired into formula. When adding to a liquid base, you may need to mix this with a small amount of water to prevent clumping.
Recommended usage:
Masks: 50-75%
Soap: 3%
Bath Fizzies: 1-3%