Lotion Bar Additive, Smooth & Creamy


Smooth & Creamy Lotion Bar Additive is a beeswax derivative that has gained tremendous popularity in lotion bar and lip balm formulas. It prevents the grainy texture that shea butter can exhibit when cooled. When added at 5%, shea butter lotion bars are smooth and creamy.

INCI: Polyglycerol-3 Beeswax

Recommended usage:
Lotions, Creams & Lip Balms: 5%


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Will this correct Shea that has gone grainy?, or does it only prevent it from going grainy.

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If you have Shea Butter that is grainy, I would recommend tempering it first, then incorporate the lotion bar additive.

Does this replace the beeswax in a lotion stick recipe?


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Hi! While you could replace your beeswax with the Smooth & Creamy (a derivative of beeswax), you only need 5% to get a smooth lotion bar. So I would recommend substituting that amount from the beeswax in your recipe for the S&C lotion additive.

would you replace 5% of the emilsifying wax (10-15%)with lotion bar additive? 


would you replace 5% of the emilsifying wax (10-15%)with lotion bar additive?