Fragrance Oil Blotter Sticks


***OUT OF STOCK. Alternative product (same function, same price): Fragrance Formulator Blotters

Fragrance Oil Blotter Sticks are long professional grade blotter strips that are used to smell fragrance oils, essential oils, your own fragrance blends and perfumes. 

Fragrance Oil Blotter Sticks are made from compressed paper and are the best tool for evaluating or showcasing fragrances. Blotter sticks provide a more accurate representation of the fragrance versus smelling the fragrance directly out of the bottle. To use, simply dip a blotter stick into the fragrance and smell the stick. Allow the fragrance to dry on the stick and smell again. You may be surprised that the fragrance may smell differently from the first dip to the dried fragrance. These are commonly used to evaluate or showcase fragrances, and for formulating blends. The wider handle allows for handwritten notes.

Length: 4.938"
Blotter width: .25"
Handle width: .50"
Colour: White