Eucalyptus Soap



Body Bar • Normal Skin • Medium Minty Scent • All Natural

Our Eucalyptus bar contains a minty blend essential oils and is not overpowering.

Eucalyptus oil is popular in soap because of it's pleasant aroma and beneficial effects as a deodorant, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial agent.


Hi Leslie.  I just received my soaps.  Thanks for the fast delivery.  They are lovely and very fragrant but I was under the impression that they were 120 g sizes as shown in the pictures.   This is a little misleading as I was pricing them out on the internet according to size and cost of the bars and decided your soaps were the best value even though shipping costs were astronomically high.  When I received my bars at only 113 gram sizes I was extremely dissappointed. Perhaps you should replace all your pictures with the correct sizes to eliminate false advertising.  I would love to continue purchasing from you but feel that I have been a little duped.




Candora Soap's picture

Hi Shelley! The issue with cold process soap is that as soap cures the bars shrink.This is water evaporation and is really the nature of CP soap. To offset this, we cut our bars larger than the reflected weight shown on the label to give plenty of 'shrink' room. Getting it exactly right is next to impossible, so we really do the best that we can. This is in fact, an issue that has confused many a soapmaker as to how to accurately label their soap with it's finished weight being so unpredictable. Just to give you a bit more info.. We cure the bars for 4 weeks. When they are ready for sale, they all weigh a minimum of 120g. But as you can see that even after cure time, they will still continue to evaporate. Should you have any other questions regarding our CP soap, please get in touch. Thanks!