Dipropylene Glycol


Dipropylene Glycol is thought to provide humectant properties to products. It is also used as the carrier base for fragrancing incense.
It's often used in lotions, creams and incense. DPG is produced in different grades and for different applications. Our Dipropylene Glycol is specifically formulated for the cosmetic and fragrance industries. It is over 99.5% pure with a very low odor. DPG can be used as a humectant, solvent or carrier in cosmetic formulas. Our DPG has a low risk of skin irritation. Water Soluble.

INCI: Dipropylene Glycol

Blend desired amount into formula.

Recommended Usage:
Cosmetics: 1-20%
Incense: 2 parts DPG to 1 part Fragrance Oil