Bath Tea Bag (5 x 3.75)


These large tea bags are perfect for bath teas or scented sachets and will hold approximately 1/2 cup of our Bath Tea Mix. Three sides are pre-sealed and one side is open to allow for easy filling.  Dimensions: 5" x 3.75" This is a natural color flat tea bag.

Directions: Place herbs or items of choice into bath tea bag. Use hot iron on low heat to seal open end shut. Do not overfill.


I bought these and they are a nice size, however, they are not all open at one end. Some are, some are not, and I find it difficult to find the open end. Some won`t open (and I`ve tried everything to get them to open) so I've had to cut some bags to be able to fill them. After sealing them, the "open" end then comes apart and the product inside falls out.  Are there any tips on how to use these? Any simpler way to find the open end? B.T.W. LOVE all your products!






What I do is keep a damp papertowel nearby to dampen my fingers then I make like a snapping movement gently on the long end of the bag (that has the pattern on it) and it opens every time :)  Also, make sure you use a very hot iron to seal the open end. I used a low setting and it didn't do a thing.  Good luck :D

I want to get some bath tea bags and some bath tea mixture but have no idea how much mixture to buy? 

I got these tea bags in today, half of them have no openings. Was really disappointed in this. 

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These tea bags do not require any cutting to open for filling. The long, seamed end (5" length) is not sealed, but will sometimes 'stick' together a bit. They are easiest to open when each side is pulled in the opposite direction (putting the seam between thumb and index finger, and making a 'snapping' motion). If you ever need any help or advice, please let us know.

I can get them open but I can't get them to seal.

Hi- would a heat sealer be too hot and scorch these bags? Thanks in advance