Amber Fragrance Oil


Pretty, powdery amber notes are intertwined with musk and vanilla. Phthalate free. Paraben free.
Vanilla Content: 2 - 5%
Flashpoint: 200°F

INCI: Parfum

Maximum Skin Safe Exposure:
Soap, Body Wash, Bath Salts: 5.5%
Lotions & Scrubs: 5.5%
Face Cream: 0.7%
Perfume: 7.4%
Lip: 0%

*NOTE: These are maximum use levels for skin exposure only. These percentages may not reflect the amount of fragrance that a base/product can accept. Be sure to test the final product to ensure that it performs as desired/intended.



Seized almost immediately.  Its a mix and plop, no time for a technique.  I used it to make a shave bar.  Love the scent!

Had not seize for me,  nice scent and behaves well.

It must be a concentration issue. I used it in a batch that I split into 3 parts. Apparently, I put more of the Amber f/o in one of the parts, because it seized right away. The other two parts were fine. Unfortunately, I didn't weigh the split, so I don't know what the magic amounts are :(

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Scent is lovely - but seized immediately. Had to break it and mix up in bowl with (gloved) hands and stuff into my mold. Be VERY careful with this one.


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what is the difference between Essential Oil and Fragrance Oils??? thanks in advance sincerely John-Paul

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This is so beautiful..... I'll keep this for myself as perfume!!